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The Best Getaway Nearby Mumbai: Kalyani Village Resort

This time I got an opportunity to visit ‘Kalyani Village Resort’ which is cradled in the bank of Tansa river. It’s a 7.5-acre beautiful property filled with greenery and freshness. It’s the best weekend escape which is hardly 30kms from Borivali. You can even reach there by road and trust me it will be a treat. I took Nashik Bhiwandi route to reach the resort and the scenic beauty on my way was treat to my eyes and with an amazing climate.

This property provides beautiful riverside view with 20 rooms, tented accommodation, one conference hall, lawn area and multipurpose open hall with shade which can be used for wedding reception, dining area, indoor games, events or activities etc. For kids they have big playground, pool with slides, rain dance, adventure activities etc. You will not get disappointed by the food, both veg and non-veg, as they serve variety of delicious food. 

Let me put some light on the history of this resort, it’s a 15 years old property, so people who are working in this resort are really the old members of the family of Kalyani Village Resort and you can see that connection the way they take care of the property and serve the guests. You will get an earthy feeling when you enter the resort as it is enveloped with beautiful landscape. They even have inhouse nursery at the entrance which is beautiful!

There are lots of beautiful elements in this resort which I will share in my blog.

The day I visited the resort it was booked for 500 school students. The way they arranged the events for these kids was commendable.

As we all know and must have experienced the energy level of kids and when it comes to 500 kids then, yes, my friends it was exploding. So, first thing they did was to send them in the pool to calm down their energy and I must say kids enjoyed it like anything. Kalyani Village provide two different pools for their guest which is positioned next to each other, one with slides which cater the kids and other one for the grown-ups.

After their pool fun these kids were taken for the jungle trail which I feel is very important where kids are growing in the concrete jungle, they should experience how it feels to be with the nature. Kids were excited for this adventure which ended at the water stream which raised their excitement to different level. I really enjoyed watching them playing in river, splashing water on each other, roaring in laughter and screaming in excitement was fun!!  

Next, they were taken back to resort and again to the pool. They have lots of pool side adventure activities, like; flying fox, crossing the rope bridge, climbing the net etc. with the supervision of technical experts with all the safety measures. You can even enjoy rain dance with DJ as well, which is again a great fun with family and friends!!

People who don’t enjoy outdoor games will not get disappointed, as they even provide indoor games as well, so you can enjoy playing carrom, table tennis and other games as well.

Good thing is they have lots of staff who were taking care of the kids (off course with the supervision of teachers) otherwise teachers are always end up doing babysitting entire day. It’s a best place for family weekend, especially for kids!

After lunch, they have arranged Warli painting session, which not only gave them the knowledge about the art but also the technique of painting it. Later painting competition was arranged, and the best painting was awarded.

Apart from all these fun elements you will notice one more thing about this resort, is the way they have used the property for landscaping. If you have been to lots of resort then you must have noticed the beautiful landscapes which are restricted for decoration purpose, but here they have used the space for plantation of different flowers, fruits like banana, coconut, pineapple, chiku (Sapodilla fruit), including the spice garden which is unique in itself!

Kids event ended with the tour of these garden and I feel these events are important as their personal encounter brings them close to the mother nature.

If you are not a person who enjoy too much crowd or noise and just want to relax, and you feel there is no place for you in this resort!! Then I must tell you, they have two separate zones in the resort. One which has very vibrant energy with pools and all adventure activities whereas other one is of serene nature which has its own calmness. It can be used for corporate outing, as they even provide conference hall as well.

Later rest of my day I have spent in exploring the property. It’s a huge property and you can enjoy your tea at river side with beautiful sunset and fresh air and can have a me time or beautiful conversation with your friends. You will see the temple of lord Ganesha and Sai Baba, beautiful flowers, vintage lanterns across the resort, Warli painting on the walls of open hall next to dining area.

There are few nearby places which you can visit like; Ganeshpuri (hot water springs), Nityanand Mandir, Aai Varjeshwari Devi temple, Pelhar Lake etc.  

I personally visited Ganeshpuri and enjoyed the hot water springs with my friends. I even have spent some peaceful time inside the Nitayanand mandir. You can sit there or even can meditate if you wish to, as place has its own aura of calmness.

In the evening I enjoyed the delicious non-veg food with freshly cooked crispy rava fry Bombil (Bombay duck) which was mouth-watering. It’s a great place to spend time which cater both calmness and even fun atmosphere at the same time. You can enjoy your evening walk at the river side or in the resort and if you are a morning person then you can even enjoy the sunrise and the sun rays filtering through the leaves.

This place is the best affordable getaway for your weekend where you can enjoy the nature with your loved ones. The place which is surrounded by beautiful lush green landscape, which is loaded with freshness, where you can get away from the daily hassle of traffic and cars honking on each other. Here you can hear the birds chirping, rustling of the leaves, the earthy scent after rain…these all are the sound of nature which we have missed in our day today lives.