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Weekend Gateway to Hills of Kasara and Igatpuri

Stuck in the routine hectic life? Getting bored? Thinking of a change that can bring back the joy and freshness to the mind and body then plan a weekend trip to Kasara and Igatpuri. The mesmerizing lush green hills and valleys in the Kasara and Igatpuri belt provides an awesome beautiful scenic views which are memorable and eye pleasing.

This land has something for everyone, be it a solo traveller or a group of friends or family planning to spend a quality time. One can go hiking and trekking to Tringalwadi Fort, Ashok water fall or if you are religious person then can visit Ghatandevi Temple. A group of  friends can also enjoy hiking in Camel Valley and can explore the nature.

Best Time to Visit Kasara and Igatpuri

Well Kasara and Igatpuri have such a big geographical advantage that you can visit them in any season and on any day. Monsoon gives altogether a different view, how refreshing the atmosphere is, the water falls that are naturally created when it rains, the birds and the flora gives a memorable experience. Hill station is the only thing that first comes to the mind when we are experiencing the hot summer. And for Mumbaiwalas the nearest hill station is none other than Kasara. So let’s see what one can do in the Kasara and Igatpuri

Places You Can Visit in and around  Kasara and Igatpuri

Tringalwadi Fort
Tringalwadi Fort – Tringalwadi Fort is situated at 3000 ft. above the sea level. It has been observed that the fort has been built somewhere around 10th Century and is mainly used to overlook the ancient trade route Thal Ghat (i.e between Konkan and Nashik.)

Ghatandevi Temple
Ghatandevi Temple – It is believed that Ghatan devi is the protector of the ghats. The temple is situated just 1 Km away from the start of the Kasara Ghat. Behind the Kasara Ghat lies the Tringalwadi Fort.

Camel Valley – Camel Valley is one of the famous spot due to its incredible view which lies a few meters ahead of the Bhatsa river valley. During Monsoon numerous waterfalls are formed wich falls belwo one another are on the other side of the valley and are a major tourist attraction.

Pandavleni, Nashik
Pandavleni – Pandavleni is also known as Nashik Caves and Trirashmi Leni. There are total 24 caves carved around 1st century BCE to 3rd century CE and shows the transformation in buddhist devotional practices. Its a nice place to spend time with your family. A day picnic can done here.

Bhandardara Dam
Vaitarna & Bhandardara Dam – Bhandardara & Vaitarna Dam has a sight to behold and a decent picnic spot for family and group of friends.

Resort for Overnight Stay

Relax Adventure Resort
A weekend gateway requires a good place to stay overnight and will can provide quick access to all the destinations. Relax Adventure Resort is one such destination that has all the modern necessities and nearby to most of the tourist destination.

Relax Adventure Resort is location on the hill top in between Kasara and Igatpuri. The back water of Upper Vaitarna along with hills and valleys offers a great view one can adore. The resort is equipped with all modern amenities and has special Forest Villa and Aqua Villa. Forest Villas has the view of hills and valleys whereas each Aqua Villa has its own separate personal mini swimming pool to enjoy.  One can enjoy Box Cricket with Bowling Machine, Table Tennis, Carom, Foos Ball, Camp Fire, Outdoor Green Gym, Indoor Modern Gym, Swimming, Snooker and Air Hockey. Relax Adventure Resort has special play area for the kids. It doesn’t matter whether one would like to just relax at the resort or would like to go out and do sight seeing. It is one of the perfect fit for all.

The surroundings of Kasara and Igatpuri makes it a divine and unique destination for all the nature lover which is away from crowded, hectic life and just near by for Mumbaikars and Nashikkars. We hope that this hill station brings you peace and refreshes for the upcoming journey.